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Sedona: Red Rock Escape

Explore with Teal Wheel Tours through everyone's favorite city, Sedona.

Service Description

Dive deep into the heart of Sedona and witness the enchanting beauty of its mystical red rocks on a tour that promises memories for a lifetime. Begin your adventure with a visit to the renowned Bell Rock. Embark on a brief walk that leads to the ideal vantage point for capturing mesmerizing photographs against the backdrop of this iconic landmark. As the journey unfolds, make your next stop at the awe-inspiring Chapel of the Holy Cross. Drink in the panoramic views and immerse yourself in tales of Sedona's rich history and its transformation over the years. After feasting your eyes on some of Sedona's gems, it's time to treat your taste buds! Split from the group to indulge in a scrumptious lunch and explore the bustling attractions of Uptown. (Duration: 2 hours) As the afternoon sun bathes Sedona in a golden hue, regroup for an adrenaline-pumping segment of the tour. Climb aboard and grip tight as we embark on a thrilling two-hour off-road jeep escapade, navigating the rugged terrains of Sedona's back country. Prepare for a ride that will both challenge and charm, showing you a side of Sedona that few get to experience!

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Cancellations within 72 hours of tour departure will be charged full price.

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